Why "www.detritus.org"....?

We get asked this question a lot...  "What does 'Detritus' mean, and why did you choose it for the name of your site?  And, why is it an '.org' type of domain name?"

Detritus is debris...ashes...crumbs...remains.  It's what's left after something has been used up.  This site is essentially organized debris; fragments of ideas...snippets of imagination...the cyber-equivalent of musical "B"-sides.  These are pages that didn't seem to quite "fit" on any other site we've done.  The theme of this site is that there is no theme.  It's structured inanity.  The pages you'll find here were inspired by stray thoughts.

On this site you'll find a number of pages that have been created by our team over the past couple of years (we've been making sites on the 'net since 1995!).  Many of these pages came from our original site on the Earthlink server, and many others came from a site named "Etcetera."  Yet others are brand new...  And as we come up with new ideas for pages that we haven't yet seen, we'll put them up.  This is an eclectic mix of what has turned our fancy at given times.

As for the ".org" delineation, here's the scoop straight from the 'Nic:  "ORG - This domain is intended as the miscellaneous Top Level Domain name for organizations that didn't fit anywhere else.  Some non-government organizations may fit here."  We felt that really fit with the name "Detritus," and it belonged in this category.  We definitely don't have a commercial site, we are not a service provider, and the other options didn't work.

We sincerely hope you'll enjoy reading and playing with this stuff as much as we enjoyed putting it here (Maybe even enough to want to link back to our site from your own!).  Maybe "putting" is too strong of a word.  "Collecting" is more like it... :-)

-- Mike