Mike's New House

First off; My digital camera sucks. Not only do the pictures look horrible, but what you see in the preview window ends up not being what the picture actually looks like. These pictures look a whole lot worse than I expected them to look...oh well. I suppose it's time to start using a real camera again...
This is the front of the house. The big pine tree in front is mine (almost). The sign doesn't have the 'SOLD' thing on it yet, but it will. This picture was also supposed to show the little piece of yard out in front of the house, to the left of the big tree. The walkway to the front door of the house is right behind the tree in this pic.

These five pictures are of the back yard and side of the house. The pictures are less useful than I thought they'd be. The wooden fence is roughly 6' high. There's more than enough room for a jacuzzi/spa, and a brick gas-powered barbeque (eventually). There's already a concrete and brick patio, which can be seen in some of the pics.

The house's old water heater is sitting in the side walkway; It will be removed before I move in (I hope!).

These pictures are of the living room of the house. The carpet is a sort of 'burnt-orange'/rose color, but it's tough to tell from these pics. The ceiling in the living room (and above the stairs) is very tall, and has a large skylight. With no lights on, as you can see, it's quite bright inside the house.

These pictures BLOW! Well...this is the kitichen. It's tough to tell what it actually looks like, as these are about the worst pictures I've ever seen (especially the second one!). When I took this picture, I was standing in the small breakfast nook area inside the kitchen room. The house also has a formal dining room (not pictured -- attached to the living room).

These three pictures are of the two bedrooms (upstairs). Both bedrooms are considered 'master bedrooms' because the both have attached private bathrooms. They're both quite large. The master-master bedroom is painted light blue and wallpapered with this crappy heart stuff that's way too 'fem' for me -- Some paint is definitely in order for this room!! (Of course you can't see that because the picture didn't come out...)