Michael A. Stevens
Telephone: 408.621.1504
(Additional contact information available upon request.)

C A N D I D A T E    S U M M A R Y

I am a seasoned Systems Engineer, Technical Leader and Project Manager, with over ten years of experience in my field. During that time, I have successfully managed multiple technical and non-technical teams and projects, such as the deployment of new data-centers and monitoring facilities in the U.S. and India, and various NOCs and SOCs for three companies and multiple business units.

I have written countless tools and scripts to automate everything from data collection and analysis (for service and system monitoring), user performance metrics, production data integrity, change management, asset management, and software release management.

I have excellent communication and leadership skills (written and verbal) with a personable and fun attitude which lends itself to an uncanny ability to win support and motivate people. I pride myself on my ability to quickly shift focus between various tasks and projects.

I'm extremely focused and dedicated, and ready to seek out new challenges and opportunities which will best utilize my extensive expertise and experience in a fun and fast paced environment.

A R E A S   O F    E X P E R T I S E
 •  FreeBSD System Administration (OS Versions: 2.2.3 - 4.8)               •  Linux System Administration (Primarily RHEL)
 •  Solaris System Administration (OS Versions: 2.5 - 9, Sparc / Intel platforms)               •  Network Appliance (NAS) System Administration
 •  Netcool/CiC Administration and Implementation               •  PHP / Perl / Shell Scripting
 •  Change Management               •  Asset Management & Inventory Control
 •  Internet Mail Technologies (Sendmail/POP3/IMAP)               •  Large-Scale Capacity Analysis and Planning
 •  Data Center / Co-location Management, Construction, & Implementation               •  Business Continuity Planning
 •  Project / Product / Personnel Management               •  Technical Writing / Training
 •  Knowledge Base / Collaboration Software (Wiki) Administration               •  Access Control and DVR Technologies and Implementation
 •  Ticket/Bug Tracking System Administration (RT1, RT3, Bugzilla)               •  Cryptography Technology and Implementation (OpenSSL, OpenSSH)
 •  TCP/IP Networking               •  Revision Control Software (CVS / RCS)

P R O F E S S I O N A L    E X P E R I E N C E
Yahoo!, Inc. July, 1999 to Present
Sunnyvale, CA.

SYSTEMS ENGINEER (Yahoo! Mail Engineering, Oncall Manager)   --   Oncall Manager for all Yahoo! Mail systems. Organized and led regularly scheduled training for all members of the various production oncall teams in the US and India. Wrote and updated documentation and runbooks for oncall participants. Managed and scheduled production oncall resources for Sunnyvale and Bangalore teams, including weekly "hand-off" meetings, shift reports, summaries, and metrics for upper management teams. Daily short- and long-term capacity management and performance analysis and application profiling. Wrote and managed scripts in Perl and shell to crawl and analyze/repair/manage production user data, to collect and compile statistics, and to monitor the system at varied levels of granularity. Compiled and wrote postmortem reports for internal and external parties for production issues and outages. Direct communication channel between Yahoo! Mail SE teams in Sunnyvale and Bangalore, Production Operations (NOC, SA, Network Engineering, Storage Operations, Procurement, Kernel Development, Change Management, etc.), vendors and partners (SBC, BT, Rogers, etc.). Led daily and weekly CAP meetings for various system components.

SYSTEMS ENGINEER (NOC Tier II Team, Lead)   --   Technical Lead of Tier I and Tier II teams. Responsible for configuration and implementation of Netcool ObjectServers, ELMd license managers, NT Event List and Unix Desktop clients, and syslog probes (including all filters and configuration files). Development and maintenance of scripts and tools to integrate Netcool clients with Knowledge Base (i.e. Runbooks), documentation web sites, and RT3 ticketing system. Development of tools to troubleshoot and resolve common alerts received by NOC via Netcool. Evaluation, specification, installation/configuration, and population of Knowledge Base for Tier I and Tier II group, to be used both domestically and internationally. Technical writing to streamline processes within the NOC. SQL reporting on asset management, ticket tracking, and change management databases, to gather statistics on system downtime, resource capacity planning (devices and supporters), and employee and system performance. Managed projects to specify and build-out infrastructure for new Network Operations facilities in Sunnyvale and Bangalore, and performed international travel, as appropriate. Built tools to implement Change Management process for Yahoo! Operations, and chair weekly Change Management meetings. Specify and recommend access control and DVR systems for use in existing and new co-location facilities, and maintenance of all access control devices (including HID/Mifare badging systems).

TECHNICAL YAHOO! (Senior Site Operations Engineer)   --   Installation, configuration, and maintenance of Yahoo!'s "master clone" images and JumpStart installation for Sun Solaris (versions 2.5.1 through 8.0). Management of Yahoo!'s two secure vault co-location facilities in Santa Clara, where all banking and credit card transactions took place throughout the Yahoo! Network. Managed multiple projects to expand the primary vault installation, and later the build-out of Yahoo!'s new 8,000 square-foot general purpose data center and 700 square-foot finance vault in Santa Clara (including all related security equipment, including Loronix DVRs and NexWatch's "Pro-Watch" system). Installation, configuration, and maintenance of various types of servers and storage devices, from Compaq, HP, Sun, Dell, Cisco, Juniper, Foundry, Rackable Systems, Spectra-Logic, etc. Finally, partially responsible for implementing, maintaining, and reporting on Yahoo!'s asset tracking and hardware database (using MySQL and PHP), which is relied on by both the Operations and Finance departments for inventory control purposes for all hardware in the production network worldwide.

TECHNICAL YAHOO! (System Administrator)   --   Administration of production and test-environment Sun Sparc/Solaris and Intel FreeBSD and Linux servers, co-located in various data centers around the world. Primary systems administration contact for all Sun hardware/ Solaris OS issues for all properties at Yahoo!, including Yahoo! Maps, Yahoo! Yellow Pages, Yahoo! Quotes, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! BillPay, Yahoo! Billing, Yahoo! Mail, and Yahoo! PayDirect. Other duties included automation of routine tasks using Bourne shell and Perl scripts, DNS administration, NFS, Apache, Sendmail, SSH, FTP, Veritas Volume Manager, AMANDA, Solaris JumpStart, as well as some Cisco IOS and Foundry / Alteon load balancer and ACL configuration maintenance. Also responsible for maintaining Network Appliance filers throughout the Silicon Valley, and shared administration responsibilities of enterprise-wide ticketing system, using "Request Tracker" software.

GeoCities, Inc. March, 1997 to July, 1999
Marina del Rey, CA.

SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR   --   Administration of approximately 175 production and test-environment Sun Sparc servers, in both the Santa Clara and Marina del Rey sites. Primary responsibilities included automating tasks using Perl and Bourne-shell scripts, DNS, NFS, NIS+, Informix database connectivity, scheduling and performing hardware and OS installs/upgrades, Sendmail and Qpopper configuration and compilation, Veritas installation and support, configuration of Cisco switches and routers, and automating OS installs/upgrades using Solaris JumpStart.

OPERATIONS MANAGER   --   Managing the workloads and schedules of the Site Operations staff (5-7 operators). Duties included hiring new operators, writing a complete "Operations Manual" which included written procedures for maintenance and monitoring techniques, evaluation and recommendation of new monitoring and tracking software. I also planned, orchestrated, and coordinated two major site architecture upgrades.

OPERATIONS LEAD   --   Shift scheduling, installing and customizing BMC's PATROL product, gathering and presenting the site's vital statistics (traffic, member growth rates, etc.), and forming/documenting procedures for use by the Site Operators.

WEB SITE OPERATOR   --   Monitoring the site, auditing backups, writing new tools and scripts to assist in monitoring and restarting custom applications on the site, gathering site statistics and generating daily reports (using Excel) for Senior Management.

Internet in a Mall, Inc. December, 1995 to February, 1997
Tarzana, CA.

WEBMASTER / JR. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR   --   Content creation, production, and engineering of company's web site, used daily by ISP subscribers and visitors. Customer service and account maintenance for roughly 5,000 commercial hosting accounts. Solely responsible for seven servers, running Solaris, FreeBSD, and BSDi. Five web servers ran Apache and NCSA software, and two mail servers ran Sendmail/Qpopper software. Software/programming experience included: Perl CGI programming, Tcl/Tk, client-side JavaScript, VBScript, mSQL, Apache/NCSA web server and Sendmail configuration.

P R O F E S S I O N A L    A S S O C I A T I O N
SAGE1997 to Present
USENIX1997 to Present
HTML Writers Guild1996 to Present

E D U C A T I O N  /  C E R T I F I C A T I O N
Network Appliance 2000
FILER MAINTENANCE USING ONTAP V. 5.3.6R2   --   Completed on-site at Yahoo! HQ, Santa Clara, CA.
Sun Microsystems 1999
ADVANCED SOLARIS 7.0 SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION CERTIFICATION   --   Completed at the Sun Training Campus in El Segundo, CA.
Pierce College 1994 to 1996
Woodland Hills, CA.
AREAS OF STUDY   --   Computer Science, Logic, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology.
Cuesta College 1991 to 1994
San Luis Obispo, CA.
AREAS OF STUDY   --   Computer Science, Logic, Business Administration, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Music.

Christina Romero Alliance Operations Manager
Yahoo! Inc.   --   Sunnyvale, CA.
Steve Curry South Asia Manager, Storage Infrastructure
Yahoo! Inc.   --   Seoul, Korea
Mark Pettit Senior Systems Administrator, DNS Administrator
Yahoo! Inc.   --   Sunnyvale, CA.
Sreedhar Gade Senior Manager, Network Operations Center
Yahoo! Inc.   --   Bangalore, India
Deborah Barba Senior Technical Support Analyst
Veritas, Inc.   --   Milpitas, CA.
Ted Davantzis Regional Account Executive
Clear Channel Communications, Inc.   --   San Luis Obispo, CA.

Additional references and contact information available upon request.

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