Other Sites We've Worked On...

Here's a partial list of the sites we've worked on, host(ed), or otherwise become affiliated with. The "detritus" that makes up this site came from random things we couldn't use on the sites listed below, so if you like what's here, you're sure to like the stuff linked below.  Some of these pages were created from scratch, others we "cleaned up," and others we just help administrate or host....  If you're interested in seeing what other work we've done, just check out the pages below! These are in no particular order....

  • Yahoo! - Mike now works in the operations group as a System Administrator at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, CA.
  • Entertainment Asylum - A previous member of our team on this incredibly cool site, which is the ultimate place for anything that is entertainment.
  • GeoCities - Your home on the web! Mike worked in the Operations Department there. Join GeoCities today!
  • The Official #iiam Chat Page! - This is another site we host. The "#iiam" IRC channel was run on the Internet in a Mall IRC server. When Earthlink bought out IIAM, many of the channel's "regulars" stopped visiting the room, and it has since "dried up." However, the pages are still here...so enjoy them!
  • KDDB Country - We actually designed this site a couple years back, and then recently redesigned it. However, they decided to switch to a different provider after the second facelift, and the new provider used their own design instead of the one we made for them. These are the pages we created for the second design, still on our server.
  • Mission Impossible - The Web Adventure - Kerry worked for the freelance company who created this very popular site, which corresponded to the release of that movie. The site, hosted by Apple Computers, has since been removed.
  • The Z Axis - A gaming site we created on the GeoCities site.
  • Mike's Home at GeoCities - The page Mike uses at work. It was created to aid him in doing his day-to-day work at GeoCities.
  • Internet in a Mall - One of Mike's first "real" internet jobs. Internet in a Mall was a national ISP, providing excellent, affordable dial-up internet access and web hosting. They went bankrupt, and were purchased (assimilated...) by Earthlink Network. Mike was the "Webmaster" for that company, and Kerry was the "Webmistress." Together, they designed the entire site, did all of the graphic design, and set up all the new personal and commercial ("Virtual Hosting") web accounts. We must say that we always hated the design of this site, but we made them what they wanted.
  • Internet in a School - Kerry created this section of the "Internet in a Mall" web site herself. This special section was to promote the schools to whom IIAM gave free internet access.
  • KZOZ FM - This radio station is owned and operated by the same company as the KDDB site (as listed above). It, coincidently, also has the same story...
  • Pujol Motors - Another site we created (or began creating...) which was never used. It seemed that the person who started us working on the project later lot all interest (or just motivation), and the site was never completed...
  • DIRECTV - Kerry worked on this site for a short time, while she was working at the freelance design firm who did the Mission Impossible site.