Stop Random Killings!

(Only kill the people who deserve it!!!)

The tragedy of random killings must stop. Thousands of innocents die from random violence every day. There were 2,268,553 deaths in 1995 in the US. How many of those people died needlessly? How much better it would be if the killings adhered to some system of merit (or non-merit), ensuring that only the people who most deserve to die actually get killed? We believe it would be better to spend that killing energy on someone who deserves it. We can all work together, people, to make sure that the people who die really deserve it!

Many people believe that it is "bad karma" to wish death on someone. Many believe, "Judge not, unless ye be judged yourself." We're not "wishing death" on anyone, nor are we promoting any kind of violence. However, I think we'd all agree that someone like Stevie Ray Vaughan was far less deserving of death than someone like...say... Pee-Wee Herman or Michael Jackson. For another example; Why would someone like Sam Kinison be put to death by a drunk driver, while Andrew "Dice" Clay walks the streets in perfect health?

So, on this site you'll find lists of the people who, if people need to be killed at all, should be towards the top of the list. Why? Because society really doesn't need them. And why take the chance of having a much-needed society member's life snubbed out randomly and needlessly?

For this purpose, the "Stop Random Killings!" site was created. It is provided and is intended to be used as an interactive reference for anyone who may have the remote chance of killing another human being (intentionally or unintentionally) in the future. Just take a look at the lists below, and vote for who should be added to them. takes YOU to Stop Random Killings!

Note: The plan was to make a database which could be queried, added to, and the like, driving this part of the site. However, that never panned out. It was a good idea, but no one has the time to do it right now. Therefore, none of the links below work. If you're interested in making this all work, email us!

  • Top ten groups of people whose members deserve to die this week.
  • Top ten individuals who deserve death this week.
  • Top fifty people for the month who deserve to die.
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